The State of Personal Training Industry in Canada


Let’s talk about Personal Training…


The other day I overheard a couple Torontonians on their way to work refer to personal trainers as “salespeople”.  One was complaining about a terrible experience at a big box gym where they were paired with a 21 year old trainer that didn’t give them much confidence in their ability.

“Apparently they took a weekend course and decided to become a personal trainer”, she said.

This caught me off guard, but really opened up my eyes to the current state of the personal training industry in Canada. It also upset me at first knowing that these generalizations are made about the industry on a daily basis.

As we’ve seen at FITHAUS, personal trainers can be..

Life changers.

Rehab Workers.


Life Coaches.



Don’t believe us? You can check out our reviews!

But, the million dollar question still stands… why are these generalizations so often made? The fact is, the majority of trainers at big box gyms are strictly trained on how to sell long-term commitments rather than how to be kick-ass personal trainers. This seems counterintuitive; why not invest so heavily in your trainers such that their skill sets sell themselves?

Did you know that many big box gyms hold daily meetings every morning for all trainers without a packed client schedule? This sounds like a great idea. Are these meetings used for learning and growth opportunities? Potentially to teach the fundamentals of being a great trainer?

NOPE! In practice, the purpose of these meetings is to teach trainers how to overcome objections during their sales pitch. And it’s not like these trainers don’t have room for growth or knowledge either. Many trainers opt for the easiest certification in the industry which can be obtained during a weekend workshop.

And the bigger problem is that the true superstars of the industry, the highly educated personal trainers with quality certifications and educational backgrounds (like in Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, to name a few) are simply not great at sales. They tend to have a short life span at big box gyms before looking for work elsewhere.

The outcome? This results in a highly saturated market with inexperienced, poor quality personal trainers. In reality, there are plenty of superstars that are extremely qualified and capable to provide unbeatable value to their clientele.

There needs to be a better solution.

Wouldn’t it be great if trainers only had to focus on their own professional development so that they could provide as much value as possible to you, their clientele? Sales seems like such an unnecessary task to put on trainers. Couldn’t that even cloud your relationship with your trainer since you’re now seeing them as a salesperson in addition to your trainer?

Well, that’s our sentiments exactly. At FITHAUS, our trainers aren’t paid on a commission. Instead, we pay them a high, fair wage so that they can focus on what they do best; providing you with a streamlined approach to helping you reach your fitness goals.

We attract the best and brightest in the industry by helping them focus on what they do best. Unlike our competitors, we don’t look for the best salespeople. We hire strictly based on quality because at the end of the day, results are what matters most.


We pride ourselves on our three-stage interview process that every trainer goes through before being accepted into our company.

We know our trainers’ strengths and weaknesses inside out, which is why we’re committed to pairing you with the right one.

Suffering from sciatica? Recovering from a tear in your knee? Looking to lose 30 lbs or put on 15 lbs of muscle?

We have a professional for you. And we’ll recommend the right one.

We’re looking to bring these superstars to the forefront of the industry and would love to help you reach your full potential. Feel free to call us at 1-888-682-0724, chat with us on our website, or send us an email at and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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