Personal Trainer Facts

Personal Trainer Facts

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Personal trainers can be an invaluable source of fitness and health information, capable of designing workout routines, guiding you through exercises, introducing you to new machines, assisting you with your form, and helping you navigate your workout space, whether it’s the gym or a dance studio or the great outdoors, with ease. But being a wealth of information isn’t the only thing that makes personal trainers a worthwhile investment - they can also be amazing at providing you with the motivation you need! Whether you’re getting back into the gym, or completely new to fitness routines, a qualified personal trainer can help lead the way while keeping you encouraged.

While today’s version of personal training is a relatively new model, it has been built on a concept that dates back to Ancient Greece, when fierce competitors began their preparations for the Olympic Games. The benefits of attaining peak physical fitness, for both the mind and body, have been studied since the Ancient civilizations, as seen through yoga, martial arts, and the mandatory fitness activities across diverse populations, in preparation for potential war time. Eventually, people began to focus their fitness activities for competitive sport, and it wasn’t long before modern culture deigned those who had seemingly achieved peak physical fitness “icons.”
A qualified and experienced personal trainer can help you every step of the way on your fitness journey. Whether you need a tailored workout routine designed just for you, or guidance on how to best use a gym and equipment, or if you have specific fitness goals in mind, the right trainer can definitely help you on your fitness journey. One of the greatest advantages of a personal trainer is that they can modify routines to suit you and those routines can be adapted as needed, dependent on your progress.

Personal Trainers - Requirements and Certifications in Canada

Personal trainers undergo different processes for the certification process, dependent on the certification group they enroll with. Prices for certification courses can range from $200 to $2000, and each of the most widely used programs require some form of testing or practicum. The primary certifying bodies are Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES), Canadian oFitness Professionals, Certified Personal Trainers Network, and Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology.
Some personal trainers are self employed while others prefer the benefits of being a part of a larger organization or private corporation. Personal trainers work in a variety of different environments, from an indoor gym facility to the great outdoors, it’s dependent on their fitness regimen, their clients’ interests and goals, and their own professional preference. While FITHAUS supports everyone on their path to greater health and fitness, we advise always working with a vetted, qualified personal trainer, through an established organization. FITHAUS personal trainers undergo multiple stages of a rigorous hiring process, which requires verification of all certifications, performing a technical aspect and case study, and successfully passing a background check.
Personal trainers are the individuals most qualified to help you on your fitness journey, no matter what stage you’re at. Whether you’ve been running marathons for the past thirty years or you’ve never stepped foot in a gym, the right personal trainer can be an invaluable resource to you. FITHAUS personal trainers all undergo a rigorous, multi-part, hiring process, including background checks and certification reviews. Whether you want to work one-on-one with a fitness professional, or you have a few friends who are ready to join you and you’re just looking for someone to lead the way, FITHAUS has the personal trainer for you, at affordable rates, ensuring your guided path to fitness is accessible today.