Saviour of your own Behaviour

You can save yourself…

We are all creatures of habit. A couple of areas molded by habit include:

  • Our default comfort foods
  • How we walk
  • How we stand
  • How we sit
  • Our typical method of soothing ourselves after a break-up
  • Morning routines
  • Starbucks orders

There is at least one thing in our daily lives that we fall back on as our default go to.

Humans love consistency and uniformity in our routines.

It is very difficult to change our ways and go against the grain of our daily lives.

Change can be regarded as inconvenient, uncomfortable, and out frank scary.

Any type of behavioural change leads us to think and think and think. We promise ourselves that we will change; get a gym membership, start a new diet, stop calling our ex – boyfriends / girlfriends late night, and the list goes on and on of unfulfilled promises.

6 months later……..

We remain the same.

When we approach exercise, movement, nutrition, stress management, and sleep; we have no idea how to start.

Here is the good news; if the thought of change manifests in our noggins, at least we understand that there is an itching NEED to change. That is pretty powerful stuff.

Now we just have to figure out how to go from a thought to practice.

How we progress towards contemplating on changing our lives either within the next 6 months, 30 days, and finally tomorrow all matter.

Every step of the way is crucial.

Provided below are a couple of tips to help you reach your new self.


Always refer to your goals and consult with yourself or a professional if these goals are realistic or SMART ( refer to the GoalSetting blog post) and shower yourself with positive thoughts. Praise your hard work.


Reward yourself for behavioral changes more than physical changes. If you were able to go to the gym an additional time or spend that extra ten minutes on that treadmill and feel AMAZING about it, then treat yourself. Go ahead. You deserve it. Do not go wild, but live your life.


Look through your long winding Instagram follower list or Facebook friends and see who are activity junkies BUT approximately at the same level as your fitness journey. Having a social support system matters. They hold you present and on track with your goals. Plus it’s just plain fun to have someone to be with when exercising.


Have some type of diary to track your progress and behaviour.

It can be in spoken word or Haiku form for all I care. Make sure that you have it recorded.

When you can see your progress and areas that need some tender, love, and care; you acknowledge that you are making a difference whether it is big or small.


List all your barriers to engaging in exercise. Once you have it listed. Try to think of a solution for each single one. If you can’t find a solution for each one, talk to a trainer,  supportive friend, significant other, or even your mom & dad if you have to.


Relapses can happen. If you accept it now and create a safety emergency plan, you are preparing yourself for success. Understand why you are on this journey in the first place. Think about your present self, past self, and tomorrow self. Life happens. I get it. But think of some common scenarios that are realistic and you know for a fact can set you back. Think of different ways to help return you back to your journey.

If you miss one or two exercise sessions, that is okay.

Try to avoid the all or none principle thinking (refer to blog post 6).  Some activity is always better than no activity.

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