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Working on that body image…

Improving Your Body Image

Everyone has a mental picture of how they look, this is typically referred to as your body image, and this perception can be either negative or positive. We want it to be positive! We know that having a positive body image isn’t easy for everyone and getting it can be a long process, but trust us, having a positive body image is definitely worth it.

I remember when I was in my third year in university, I was so disappointed by how I felt in my clothes. I refused to buy any new clothes and I remained as mentally distant as possible with all the choices I made regarding my body. I let my choices govern myself, rather than allowing myself to govern my choices. This is not the way to having a positive body image!

My negative body image continued to pervade through my junior and senior years. It took me 3 – 4 months of consistently working out in the university athletic centre until I could take off my sweater. After a year, I actually worked up the courage to use the university pool and I comfortably got dressed in the presence of other. By focusing on my fitness, I got a body that I was proud of, and this really did help with my sense of confidence and comfortability. Honestly, it wasn’t just about what other people saw or thought, it was about how I felt when I saw my reflection in the mirror.

The moral of this story is that getting a positive body image is not easy. Fitness was just one of the many steps I used to get me from a negative body image to a positive body image. Fitness is not your end-all, but it really can help.

Exercise has an amazing effect on our lives. Simply using the muscles you were born to use can teach you an entirely new appreciation of the human body and all our abilities. Getting a positive body image comes down to you and controlling your positive mindset, but with the help of a qualified personal trainer, the route a positive body image can become a little bit easier! The key is time, commitment, and patience.

Below, we have a couple of tips to help you on your fitness journey- we want you to be successful! A healthy relationship with how you think, see, behave, and feel, whether at the start or middle of your fitness journey, will improve your mindset, including your sense of body image and even some of the daily choices you make. It might make the difference between that burger or a colorful, hefty, rice bowl with protein and sautéed vegetables.

Keep in mind that these interventions are not meant to supplement the professional services of a mental health professional. It takes a strong individual to embrace that he or she needs assistance. If you feel you need the support of a mental health professional, reach out to your local hospital or emergency services. FITHAUS is proud of all our clients focusing on their journey to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Never lose sight of how strong you are.self-esteem personal training

Mind Body Scan  – When you start to think negatively of your body. Monitor the place and time that you are starting to think of your body in this way. Consider what you were feeling before this moment. How long did this feeling last?

Positive Body Language – Think of 2 or 3 qualities you love about your body. These 2 or 3 qualities can be written on a piece of paper that should be easily accessible to you.

Reformat Thinking – For every negative appearance based thought, think of an equally positive thought based on your functional capacities.

Example: “ I have fat legs”  to “ I can squat 120 pounds with no knee pain”

Debunk the Beauty Ideal – Diversity is beautiful. Think about the different qualities that you uphold that are not physically based. Consider the real reasons that you view these idols as role models.

Positive Tribe – Surround yourself with people who hold you up. These figures should push you to grow and appreciate your progress. Positive does not mean constant compliments, but honesty about how you are growing and how much further you can push yourself.  Growth in different areas of your life can elevate your body image.

YOLO – Treat yourself frequently, within limits. Treating yourself is a good way to manage how you feel about yourself. Remember there is only one of you. You deserve to understand how valuable you see yourself.

Unfollow, Untag, and Block – Unravel the different people that continuously pop up in your feed. Try to question why you follow these people. Is it because you want to look like these individuals or are they genuinely interesting folks who innovate, create, and inspire? If it is the former, it might be time to make some changes to your social media! It is very rare that you will feel any positive reinforcement or positive behaviour change by constantly following these “influencers”.

Contact a FitHaus Personal trainer today and start your journey towards a more positive body image today.

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