Importance of a Social Network: Friends or Foes

The Fitness Social Network

Let’s talk about the Fitness Social Network 

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Fitness can be an amazing way to get in your much needed “me-time”, or it can be a wonderful, shared experience, especially if you have the right fitness social network.

Exercise and movement can be quite an isolating experience. The idea of going to the gym can be daunting and scary. However, when we are able to drag or persuade one of our peers to join the gym, fitness class, or improve their diet to eat healthier, we are tapping into one of the greatest resources to facilitate our fitness journey. Our social network is a powerful tool in our arsenal to help boost us and keep us on track.

What can a fitness social network do for you?

Our social network can:

  1. Reinforce our Goals
  2. Motivate us both extrinsically and intrinsically
  3. Provide positive commentary & reassurance
  4. Provide us with guidance
  5. Act as a reliable alliance
  6. Provide a sense of attachment & community
  7. Allow for social inclusion & integration- an increased sense of belonging

The importance of a good Fitness Social Network 

However, the structure and availability of our social resources can either be positive or negative, but nonetheless impactful. From the moment we were children in elementary school to our next Soul Cycle class; engaging in movement with others is a very common and familiar experience.

Our social network systems are like resources. The greater support we have, the more likely we are to succeed, grow, develop, and thrive. An important social system is a personal trainer. The sought out after personal trainer is more than a fitness professional. It is this individual’s job to provide you the support, confidence, and education about how your body is capable of conquering the world.

Stick to it!

There will be uphill battles and downfalls in our fitness journey. The more isolated we feel, the more likely we are to fall off the tracks. When we are held accountable or hold someone else accountable for their actions, we begin to mirror one another’s behaviours. As humans live as people, we constantly learn through observation. By mirroring actions, thoughts, and choices of those who we surround ourselves with, this positively challenges our growth, ultimately accelerating our own success.

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