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Our commitment to you is what sets us apart. Our dedication to you allows us to embrace your goals as our own. That commitment to you delivers results you never thought possible - until now.


Our training fundamentals are grounded in science, which means there’s a purpose behind every exercise you do. Get results faster than you ever thought possible.


Stop fretting about getting to the gym. You’ll save countless hours with our team of Personal Trainers that come to you - anywhere, anytime.


Sticking with a fitness program is always easier said than done. Until now. We’ll keep you inspired and motivated so you can tackle your fitness journey with ease.

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We’ve put together an unbelievable team of Trainers who are committed to one goal - helping you become the best version of yourself. What’s our one fundamental philosophy? To help you become what inspires you. Then, help you become better. That’s what FITHAUS will do for you.

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Dedicated, Experienced Trainers

We take the quality of our Trainers very seriously, and it shows in our vetting process. All of our trainers hold fitness certifications or university educations from a fitness or kinesiology program. But we believe that a quality training experience extends beyond education and knowledge. It’s the passion to inspire. It’s the ability to motivate. It’s a desire to take on their clients' goals as their own. That’s what you’ll get with a FITHAUS trainer. A team of professionals with a profound commitment to your goals.

With FITHAUS, you can finally be
confident on your fitness journey

We believe in the power of getting you set up with the right Personal Trainer - the best possible one for you. That starts with truly understanding you. We take a human approach to learning more about you, so when you sign up for FITHAUS, you’ll be chatting with a dedicated member of our team. Not filling in some online questionnaire.
To achieve results faster, you’ll have to train the right way. Exercise is random. Training is methodical. It’s grounded in science. We’ll set you up with a customized training plan based on your body and your goals. Because we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. And neither should you.
We’ll help you embrace the process and enjoy your fitness journey. Those workouts you once dreaded, you’ll begin to love. That confusion and uncertainty you had about exercise... That will be gone. You’ll finally get to know what progress feels like. And you’ll love it.

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Your success is our success. See what our clients are saying about us.
Your success is our success. We are 100% committed to helping you achieve extraordinary results.
Client Reviews
Average Rating (Out of 5.0)
Warren Phen

My experience so far has been unforgettable and life changing!

I've been training with FITHAUS for over 3 months and have seen incredible results so far. The company is very well managed and their policies (such as cancelling a session) are very reasonable. Iosif has been an absolutely amazing personal trainer and a great person in getting to know! He is extremely knowledgeable and very intuitive. The structure and progression of his workout plans have been both challenging and fun, yet extremely rewarding. READ THE FULL REVIEW ON GOOGLE
Paula De Campos

Call FITHAUS, so worth it!!

What an amazing experience! I have been training with FITHAUS for over 6 months and very pleased! I first spoke to David who assured me that he would find the best person to work with me as I was not actively training and to also have the flexibility with my work schedule. David delivered and it has been a life changing experience for me. My personal trainer Martin is fantastic, very knowledgeable, workouts are challenging but fun and most importantly he gives me the structure and discipline that I so need. READ THE FULL REVIEW ON GOOGLE
Dr. Azeem Sheikh

If you are looking for high quality training at an amazing price – look no further!!

After speaking to Justin at Fithaus, he was able to find an amazing trainer that was able to suit our individual hectic schedule. Both myself and my wife were a bit hesitant at first, but after meeting our trainer Nick - we were blown away. Very positive, focused and motivational - love the workouts and we have both already seen amazing results in muscle tone and strength/endurance. Overall, I would highly recommend Fithaus, and Nick as a trainer - in fact we have recommended friends who are equally as satisfied. READ THE FULL REVIEW ON GOOGLE
Glauber Costa

A real life changer

Have been training with trainer Erol for months, a real life changer. Training sessions are great and it goes beyond that: we had issues in our building with the gym and they helped us through, very flexible and accommodating through that period and more. READ THE FULL REVIEW ON GOOGLE
Sheryll Young-Alonso

Seeing great results so far!

I was really intrigued by the concept of NOT having to leave home to work out - especially during the winter months and found FITHAUS! I have been hooked since January :) I challenged myself to not look at the scale but focus on how I felt physically / mentally going through this journey. Seeing great results so far and could not have achieved that without the guidance of PT Jason! Great motivator, awesome personality and strong work ethic. Thanks Jason and the team at FITHAUS! READ THE FULL REVIEW ON GOOGLE
Paul Chana

Great experience with these guys

My trainer Jim is just what I need to get my rear in gear. He knows how to target the areas of interest to see the best results. He pushes me right to my limits every workout. No repeat routines, every work out is different and challenging. He's even helping me with my diet and nutrition. Great trainer on both exercise and diet, and he really pushes you to work hard. Great concept and glad I signed on with this company. READ THE FULL REVIEW ON GOOGLE

We can help you

Lose Weight.
By combining weight training and high intensity interval training, you’ll maximize calories burned both during, and after your workouts.

Get Stronger.
We design our training programs with a functional philosophy in mind. Everything is designed to strengthen your body, while keeping you engaged - mentally and physically.
Build Muscle.
With high volume workouts combining compound and isolation movements, we’ll target your muscles effectively and efficiently to stimulate muscle growth.

Move Better.
Our training is designed to enhance your posture and improve mobility and flexibility, so you can move better and be pain-free in everyday life.

Introducing Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private Training combines all the best elements from Personal Training and group fitness into one. You’ll get the customized workouts and support of a Personal Trainer, while challenging your friends and sharing the cost of the training.


Work with a Personal Trainer in a 2-on-1 setting alongside one of your friends or loved ones. We know how to keep the workouts engaging and customized even if you both have different fitness goals. Session prices from $40 per person.


Work with a trainer in a small group setting at your home or workplace. Our trainers have experience with groups ranging from 3-30 people in size! Session prices from $26 per person.

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Still not sure if we’re a good fit for you? We’ll give you a free trial session so you can see what you’re capable of with the help of our certified personal trainers! Your success is ultimately our success and we’d love to help you reach your health and fitness goals.