Self Care

The importance of self care…

Self Care: The art of managing the self

A lost art.

This art is often disregarded and unappreciated.

By the way, self care is more than sleeping in bed all day.

The idea of taking care of the self is often overlooked by a lot of us who are urban warriors.

For many of today’s modern urban warriors, the idea of taking care of the self can seem too indulgent and way too time-consuming! In general, we like to be busy, some of us feel panic when we see gaps in our calendars – after all, we are a hardworking, social creature. Some people experience anxiety at the thought of having “free time”, as they have grown so accustomed to associating fatigue with drive and ambition.

How many times have you told yourself you SHOULD start eating better, SHOULD get a massage, SHOULD see a doctor about a stubborn pain, or SHOULD get back to the gym?

These ‘shoulds’ add up. You need to remember that the body does not wait. You can keep putting off all the ways you could be caring for your body, thinking that you’re doing something more important, but the truth is – what are you doing that’s more important than prioritizing your health?!

We become consumed by our own ideas of success, work, being busy, and we forget that our bodies (organic and intelligent carbon structures) are not built like machines (far more complex than a machine but much more fragile).

Self Care is important.

Self Care has multiple domains:

  1. The Mental Emotional Wellness
  2. The Physical Wellness
  3. Nutrition
  4. Movement
  5. Sleep
  6. Personal Ambition


A great starting point towards self care is your breath.

Your breath is powerful. It might sound crazy but it’s true.

Studies have shown that breathing can:

1. Reduce pain

2. Reduce anxiety

3. Reduce stress

Deep breathing can relax your entire body, it can help you to feel centered and calmer, and it can also improve your energy levels.

How you can take advantage of the amazing power of focused breathing

1. Take 2 to 3 minutes every two to three hours (put a timer on)

2. Find a quiet or isolated space

3. Close your eyes

4. Breathe through your NOSE and fill up your belly

5. Put your hands on your tummy and let it groan

6. Breathe out through the mouth

7. Let it be normal. If your brain is going fast with thoughts, go with the flow.

Do not force awkward breaths, do not hold the breath, do not engage in any kind of breathing that may lead to feeling faint or dizzy. If you feel unwell, stop your focused breathing activity immediately. 

And if you’ve been really convinced that taking some time for self care is important, go ahead and book that spa day!

You deserve it. Treat your beautiful self.


Success is not only the capacity to achieve a goal but also how to sustain yourself to push for the next goal.

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