The fastest and most effective way to reach your fitness goals

The fastest and most effective way
to reach your fitness goals

Each workout is customized and carefully crafted to optimize your results
Stay motivated and consistent with experienced, educated Personal Trainers
Save time with mobile trainers that come to you – anywhere, anytime

Unlock your full potential with the right coaching

How It Works


Have any questions or want to learn more about how we can help? You can chat with us anytime.

A member of our team will reach out to learn more about you so that we can pair you with the right trainer.

Complete a complimentary assessment with our trainers so we can design a customized training program exclusively for you.

Get started with your trainer to become the best version of yourself. We'll keep you motivated and progressing towards extraordinary results!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the sessions take place? Sessions take place at your home, office or condo. We have a wide trainer network to make sure you can train when it’s convenient for you. We may also have studio options available if you prefer to travel to a trainer! How long is each session? Each session is one hour in length. We'll make sure you get in an efficient and effective workout so that you can continue on with your day. If you'd prefer longer workouts, let us know and we'll accommodate. How qualified are your trainers? Highly qualified! Each of our trainers are certified, insured and thoroughly vetted by a member of our team. We have a three-stage interview process including a phone screen and technical interview. Do you just offer personal training? Nope! Our trainers have a variety of backgrounds in boxing, kickboxing and MMA-style workouts. If you'd like a trainer to integrate this into your workouts, let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate!
How do you pair me with the right trainer? We start by listening to you! A member of our team will chat with you about your current fitness level, goals and history. We also factor in any injuries or health concerns in order to pair you with the right trainer. What if I want a new trainer? No problem! When you sign up for a package, you're purchasing training sessions with FITHAUS. That means you can switch up your trainer for any reason! We’ll do our best to make the transition seamless. What's the free assessment about? Unlike other training companies that offer consultations, our assessment is a workout and movement screen. This isn’t a typical training session, but it lets us assess you in order to can create the right training program for you. How do I claim the free assessment? In any number of ways! You can shoot us an e-mail, message us on live chat, or give us a call at 1-888-682-0724.

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