The Importance of Deadlifts

One of the main reasons men look to training is to improve their aesthetics.

We want to look strong.

We want to be confident.

We ultimately want to look good.

At the end of the day, a lot of this comes down to improving your strength. If you’re able to improve your strength, then the aesthetics will come. We’ve heard it first hand from many of our personal trainers that the strengths gains will come first before the aesthetics. One thing that I love about strength is its measurability. Strength can easily be tracked week over week, where as it can be difficult to measure progress purely based on aesthetics over the short-term. As you increase your strength, the aesthetics you’re looking for will follow as well. It’s about staying consistent over the long-term and your results will follow.

If your strength is improving week over week, we’re confident that the aesthetics and physical changes will follow suit as well. I typically direct a lot of our clients to looking at the progress on their key lifts rather than the number on the scale in the earlier part of their program. This can be a better indication of progress early on. This mentality has led to many satisfied clients as seen by our hundreds of reviews.

One of the keys to a muscular appearance is your posterior chain, including your back and hips, in addition to your trapezius as well.

The deadlift is one of the most important tools to achieve size in these areas and is easily the most efficient workout for traps in the gym. The deadlift also forces you to get strong using a very functional movement, just as we were built to do as humans. The deadlift can be improved upon for years and years to come and doesn’t easily max out. It’s a staple strength building exercise that can also help you increase your muscle mass. There’s a reason that the deadlift is a staple exercise in any personal training regimen. It’s important to ensure that you take adequate breaks in between sets depending on your goals.

As with any exercise, it’s important to make sure you perform the deadlift correctly. With the support of a FITHAUS Personal Trainer, we can definitely help get you there the right way. As with any exercise, it’s important to ensure that you have the proper foundation before increasing the load on the movement in order to avoid any risk of injury. This is one of the main reasons that our clients in Toronto seek out the services of a personal trainer.  With FITHAUS, we take the guess work out for you since we’re able to pair you with the best suited trainer on our team. And who knows, if you’re a beginner, you may just benefit from the amazing newbie gains from the accelerated results in the earlier part of your program.

If you stick to incorporating deadlifts into your training routine, the pay out is immense as you’ll benefit from larger traps, forearms, a wider back (from your lats), a thicker back, as well as muscular hips and thighs. The deadlift also builds core stability and targets the muscle groups that are responsible for improving posture and core strength. This is critical from a functional perspective in terms of maintaining our balance and transferring our weight through daily life or when playing sports. There’s a reason that the deadlift is known as one of the three key lifts.

The deadlift is also a very functional movement and is directly transferrable to lifting objects up from the ground. By learning to deadlift correctly, you’ll be able to move various heavy objects while reducing the risk of injury. It also helps with improving grip strength as you start lifting heavier weight over time. I personally noticed the gains in my deadlift when I recently moved homes from North York to Downtown Toronto. By using the same technique when lifting, I was able to lift heavier boxes and sofas without struggling like I used to. I’ve heard similar sentiments from our clients who have noticed their strength gains in their day to day life. These clients range from beginners with busy corporate jobs, to intermediate weight lifters, to elderly clientele.

The deadlift is a key lift that should be incorporated into almost everyone’s training routine. As with any other key movement, you need to ensure that you’re implementing proper form when executing this lift. Working with a personal trainer can definitely help you ensure that you are performing the movement correctly while reducing any risk of injury, as this is one of the many reasons why you should hire a personal trainer. As many of our clients are condo dwellers in downtown Toronto, we recognize that not all condo gyms are fully equipped with barbells. It is still possible to perform a deadlift with dumbbells and our personal trainers are well equipped to work with minimal amounts of equipment.

As always, if you have any questions, you can comment below. If you’re interested in setting up a complimentary trial session, you can email us at, call us at 1-888-682-0724, or visit our home page.

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