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Personal Trainer in Toronto

Are personal trainers worth it

Personal trainers can be an invaluable source of fitness and health information, capable of designing workout routines, guiding you through exercises, introducing you to new machines, assisting you with your form, and helping you navigate your workout space, whether it’s the gym or a dance studio or the great outdoors, with ease. But being a wealth of information isn’t the only thing that makes personal trainers a worthwhile investment – they can also be amazing at providing you with the motivation you need! Whether you’re getting back into the gym, or completely new to fitness routines, a qualified personal trainer can help lead the way while keeping you encouraged.

Are personal trainers expensive

The cost of working with a personal trainer can vary dramatically depending on the years of experience the trainer has your location and other possible factors – such as which workout facility you are using. The reported average is an approximate $70 per hour, but some trainers offer more cost friendly services while others may require a one-off payment for several weeks of services. FITHAUS offers a variety of different training options, with a few different prices, but what we think is most important is being able to help our community get healthy and fit! That’s why we offer one-on-one personal training for our clients starting at $60 per session.

Are personal trainers in demand

Yes! Personal trainers are in high demand, with fair expectation of growth, as a profession, in the coming years.

Are personal trainers self employed

Some personal trainers are self employed, and that works well for them! Others prefer the benefits of being a part of a larger organization or private corporation. While we support everyone on their path to greater health and fitness, we advise always working with a vetted, qualified personal trainer, through an established organization. FITHAUS personal trainers undergo multiple stages of a rigorous hiring process, which requires verification of all certifications, performing a technical aspect and case study, and successfully passing a background check.

Are personal trainers paid hourly

Some personal trainers are paid hourly, some, who are retained by gyms and workout facilities, receive salaries, and some are paid a set amount in advance for an expected period of services. FITHAUS offers a wide variety of training options, including one-on-one training sessions as well as group workout sessions, all set at affordable prices to ensure our clients can begin and continue their fitness journey.

Are personal trainers certified

Absolutely! Any real professional personal trainer must be certified and you should never workout with a personal trainer who doesn’t hold recognized certifications.

Can personal trainers use any gym

If an external personal trainer wants to use a gym with their client, this is typically allowed, but it is always at the discretion of the gym/training facility.

Where to find personal trainer

There are many different ways to find a personal trainer, and lots of personal trainers simply advertise their services through locals gyms or social media. But in order to work out with a qualified personal trainer who will not only help guide your fitness journey, but will also ensure affordable services, you should work with professionals, like FITHAUS, who prioritize the client experience.

Will a personal trainer help me

Yes! A qualified and experienced personal trainer will help you. Whether you need a workout routine designed for you, or need guidance on how to best use a gym and equipment, or have specific fitness goals in mind, the right trainer can definitely help you on your fitness journey.

Will personal training help me lose weight

Personal trainers can help guide your fitness journey by assisting you in crafting goals, designing plans to achieve those goals, and by keeping you motivated and progressing towards those goals. At the end of the day, whether your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle, a personal trainer can help you identify the resources available to you and appropriate ways to work towards your goals.

Where would a personal trainer work

Personal trainers work in a variety of environments, from gyms to the great outdoors. It is dependent on their fitness regimen, their clients’ goals, and their own professional preferences.

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