Semi-Private Personal Training

The most effective way to reach your fitness goals with a friend, partner or small group.
No credit card required.

Why you’ll love
Semi-Private training

Our commitment to you and your partner is what sets us apart. Because there is strength in numbers. Our commitment to you and your accountability to each other will deliver results you never thought possible.


Our programs are designed to maximize efficiency for each individual, push you harder, and deliver better results than you ever thought possible.


Training backed by science-based fundamentals. Our personal trainers are professionally trained with years of experience and education.


Unlike mainstream fitness classes, you’ll get personalized attention and support. Because a one-size fits all approach isn't nearly as effective.


Every FITHAUS trainer has successfully passed a three-stage vetting process, holding a fitness certification or education from a fitness or kinesiology program. Our personal trainers have the knowledge and experience to structure group workouts so that each individual has a customized program to help them reach their goals. Because training in a small group shouldn't mean a one-size fits all approach. It takes a laser-like focus and a passion to inspire and customize every exercise to each individual. That’s what you’ll get with a FITHAUS personal trainer. A professional that's completely dedicated to you.

How Semi-Private
Training works

We want to learn more about you and your group. We want to know how your goals and fitness levels differ so we can set you up with a personal trainer who’s the perfect fit for your entire group.
If you’ve never tried Semi-Private training, we want to change that. We’ll give you a complimentary group workout for you to get a feel for semi-private training.
Unlike group fitness classes, you’ll get all the added motivation and support of working with a Personal Trainer, both inside and outside of the sessions.

The Personal Training Difference

Your Partner. Your Journey.
There’s no replacement for genuine, human support. The power of having a Personal Trainer set their sights on your group's results can’t be replicated. It’s personal. It’s real. It’s a genuine partnership that drives results.

The Right Approach.
Fitness can be complicated and overwhelming. Without the right expertise, it can go wrong. Work with an expert and train with fundamentals grounded in science. Because a one-size fits all approach isn't nearly as effective. Make amazing progress and gets results with your partner.
Motivation That Lasts.
We know it can be difficult to stay motivated over the long term. But we know there's power in numbers. And with your partner, our personal trainers can help you stay motivated and accountable to each other so that you can conquer your goals.

Workouts Tailored To Each Individual.
Putting in maximum effort on its own doesn't necessarily translate into results. Every one is different. Semi-Private Training means workouts that are tailored to each individual. To each person's strengths and weaknesses. So you can become better, faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the sessions take place? Sessions take place at your location - whether that's your home, office or condo. FITHAUS has a large trainer network to make sure you can train when it’s convenient for you. We also have studios available if you'd like to travel to a trainer! How many people can join the workout? Our trainers can service anywhere from two to four people per workout. If you'd prefer a larger group, please contact us and we'll be happy to accommodate. How qualified are your trainers? Very qualified! Each of our trainers are certified, insured and vetted through a stage interview process including a technical interview. Because quality and experience is very important to us. How do you pair me with the right trainer? The first step is learning more about you! A customer service representative will chat with you about your group's current fitness level, goals and history. We also factor in any history of injuries and health concerns in order to pair your group with the right professional on our team.
What’s the cost for additional friends? Our rates for 2-on-1, 3-on-1, and groups of 4 or more start at $50, $33, and $29 per person for each hour long session respectively. How customized are the workouts? Each workout is customized to the needs of you and your group. You can have complete confidence in reaching your goals! You'll gain access to customized training at the cost of a fitness class. How does the free assessment work? Unlike other companies, we don't believe in consultations. Our complimentary assessment is a workout and movement screen. This isn’t a typical training session, but it lets us assess you in order to understand your starting point so we can tailor the right training program for you. How do I set up the free assessment? There are a few options! You can sign up here, message us on live chat, shoot us an email, or give us a call at 1-888-682-0724.

Book Your Free Session!

We’re so confident in our ability to help you that we’ll give you the first session for free. No credit card required.
Not sure if FITHAUS is a good fit for you? We’ll give you a free semi-private training session so you can see what you’re capable of with the help of our certified personal trainers! You and your partner's success is ultimately our driving force and we’d love to help you conquer your fitness journey!