Cut or Bulk – Which Should You Do?

Fitness content can throw you in a thousand different directions – especially with all of the fitness influencers today throwing their weight and opinions around. We broke down the common goals in our previous video, and before we dive into what steps you should take to get there, we’re going to provide you with a framework for how to decide which goal you should focus on first.

Of course, every person is different. I’d suggest discussing your approach with your personal trainer to ensure that you’re on the same page with your program design.

First things first – the best and most reliable way to build your dream physique is to alternate between cycles of cutting and bulking. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You cannot efficiently cut and bulk at the same time. At least not as effectively as if you have a singular goal and focus in any specific period. You can ask any of our personal trainers and they’ll agree!

Now, something we didn’t mention in our previous video where we discussed the common fitness goals, is THE #1 MISCONCEPTION many WOMEN have – that bulking will give you large muscles and a masculine physique, not the physique most woman want. There’s no other way to put this than this is WRONG – It is MISINFORMATION. The amount of time, effort, and precision you would have to put into bulking to get this physique, as a woman, does not happen by accident. You’re not just going to land on large, manly muscles. What WILL happen though, is you’ll increase your muscle mass and strength, allowing you to look more toned and defined and to progress better in the future. I can’t stress this enough – women, do not AVOID gaining muscle mass. This is an extremely common misconception that our personal trainers will hear on a weekly basis and we want to make that we put it to rest!

Now, back to the framework. If you’re a man, and you have 15% body fat or greater, or you’re a woman with more than 25% body fat, you should likely focus on cutting first. There’s a lot of reasons as to why this is the case, and we’ll get into the specifics in other, future videos, but for now, this is all you need to know. If your body fat is within this range, focus on cutting and reducing your body fat above all else.

So that’s when you should focus on cutting, but what about bulking? If you’re a man, and your body fat percentage is at or below 12%, then you should bulk. If you’re a woman, and your body fat is at or below 20%, then you should also bulk. Again, lots of reasons for this, but we’ll leave that for another day.

We’re also going to show you HOW to measure your body fat percentage, so you know where exactly you’re at and what you need to do. We’re also going to show you HOW to cut fat without losing muscle, and how to bulk with putting on a minimum amount of body fat.

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